Coffee & Coconut

Coffee & Coconut.

My two favourite flavours. A personal touch to my otherwise anonymous venture into the world of blogging, for now. There are some other projects on the side, yes. But this space of internet is created with the intention of never being seen by anyone other than me. It’s not to parade, or share. Along the lines of a diary, but the idea is that because my words are being etched into the web of the world, the sense of permanence will prevent me from falling back on those very words.


  1. the state or quality of lasting or remaining unchanged indefinitely.

Ironic. Because permanence is precisely the state in which I have decided to avoid. In a personal sense. I want to forever be learning and growing, in mind and body. Absolutely, infinitely, forever. I’m writing this as I’m tucked away from everything familiar to me, on the other side of an ocean or two; in a hotel room with crisp, white sheets and sandy bathroom tiles. My body doesn’t feel like it’s mine. There is skin where it shouldn’t be, limbs wider than they ought to be, spots overtaking my features. The frustrating thing is: the problem is me, and the only person who can do anything about that is me.

I always give half-hearted attempts, and put a little bit of effort in here and there. But in order to not make this foreign state of body permanent; I need a concrete shift in frame of mind. I know all the facts, at least I think. Meat, GMO’s, Dairy, Wholefoods, Protein, Vegan, Juice Cleansing, Paleo, Sugar, Lactose, Gluten , Fructose, and so on. This isn’t about looking good or being able to look nice in photos; this is about feeling good and learning.

This is going to be my space. I’m going to climb up every step that there is and cross every bridge. I am determined, now more than ever. To turn my body, and mind; into a gleaming ray of sunshine and bright ball of energy – rather than the slouched, crusty old thing that she presently is.

These are the areas which I have been wanting to focus on:

  • becoming a plant based, whole foods eater
  • being able to run a half marathon
  • increasing strength and toning
  • practising yoga
  • mindfulness

In no particular order, this is what I am going to dedicate myself to over the next year. As well as a few other projects which are separate to this anonymous avenue of thought. I’ll write about my experiences, trials, struggles and achievements. Not only that, but some reviews, summaries and investigative articles surrounding products, ideologies, documentaries and published works.

It doesn’t really matter that these words might not sounds good strung together, because¬†although I am attached to them, I’m also not.

Let the journey begin.





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